This year’s competition was held on 28 and 29 May at Fintona Girls’ School. There were sections for ensembles, duets and solo performances. As very few large ensembles entered this year it was decided to combine the large and small ensemble sections at each age level. Our adjudicators were Richard Mason and Jason Xanthoudakis, both well-known music identities. Richard adjudicated the 16 Years and Under and Ensemble sections on the Friday evening, and the Novice to 14 and Under sections on the Saturday. Jason adjudicated the 18 and Under (Isobel Carter) Clarinet and Saxophone sections, and the Tertiary (Hugo Stockigt) section. We thank our adjudicators very much for their efforts and their generous and helpful comments to the entrants both in person and in their written reports.

There were many businesses and individuals who sponsored prizes for the competition. Many thanks to:

  • Melbourne Brass and Woodwind
  • Music Junction
  • Allans Music
  • Marcus Mellick
  • Paul Donnelly Brass and Woodwind Repairs
  • The Music Place
  • Geoff Illing
  • Graeme Robson
  • CLASAX Mixed Clarinet and Saxophone Ensemble
  • CLASAX Clarinet Choir
  • CLASAX Saxophone Ensemble Carmen Habing
  • Moira and Robert Axtens
  • Bob Frecheville
  • JoAnn Griffiths
  • Phil Norris
  • Helen Pitt
  • Mette Salom
  • Barbara Cooper
  • Judy and Brian Thomas
  • Marnie Sier
  • John Modra

We were also very fortunate to have the support of many people who gave their help on the day. These volunteers were essential for the smooth running of the competition and without them it would not be possible to hold such a competition.

Thank-you very much to:
Ian Morgan, Jenny Thompson, JoAnn Griffiths, Marcus Mellick, Barbara Cooper, Phil Norris, Beth Norris, Marnie Sier, Carmen Habing, John Holding, Bob Frecheville, Mette Salom, Moira Axtens, Robert Axtens, Geoff Illing, Fiona Prestedge, Helen Pitt, John Muirden, Rosemary Benkemoun and Trisha Kelly.