Yamaha Saxophone Competition

1st        Ryan Lynch
2nd       Joel Cassidy
3rd        Terence Liu

Buffet Crampon Clarinet Competition

Highly commended      Amy Sun
Commended                Andreas Luo

Open Unaccompanied Hugo Stockigt Award

1st        Ewen Wang

18 years and under CLASAX Championship

1st        Richard Liu
2nd       Tom An

18 years and under Australian Composition

1st        Richard Liu
2nd       Emily Gittins

18 years and under Isobel Carter Award

1st       Zac Broeren
2nd       Yinchi (Gigi) Chu
3rd        Jay Sun
Peter Clinch Encouragement Awards     Rui Sheng, Madeline Browne

16 years and under solo

1st        Carson Pike
2nd       Richard Liu
3rd        Ivy Chen
Highly Commended      Jeffrey Park, Constance Meehan

15 years and under Australian Composition

1st        Zoe Jang

15 years and under CLASAX Championship

1st        Emily Gittins
2nd       Ewen Wang
3rd        Leila Dubow
Highly Commended      Jed Joo

14 years and under solo

1st        Eve Ferrie
2nd       Enle (Ryan) Li
3rd        Zoe Jang
Highly Commended      Amy Sun, James Li, Olivia Spyrou
Adjudicator’s Encouragement Award    Emily Gittins

12 years and under CLASAX Championship

1st        Eve Ferrie
2nd       Jed Joo
3rd        Joseph Wang

12 years and under solo

1st        Weiyu Diao
2nd       Yunren Zhang
3rd        YiWei Wang
Highly Commended      Michael Jiang, Jinfu Xie, Chloe Leavers
Adjudicator’s Encouragement Award    Eve Ferrie

10 years and under solo

1st        Morgan Wu
2nd       Ngai Tak Li
3rd        Lincoln Ge


1st        Alex Weixiang Gao
2nd       Jay Shen
3rd        Arthur Wang
Highly Commended      Charlotte Chaung

AMEB Grades 7 and 8

1st        Ewen Wang
2nd       Emily Gittins
3rd        Michael Jiang

AMEB Grades 5 and 6

1st        Zac Broeren
2nd       Olivia Spyrou
3rd        Carson Pike
Highly Commended      Andrew Lee, Eve Ferrie
Adjudicator’s Encouragement Award    Joe Leahy

AMEB Grades 3 and 4

1st        Wesley Kim
2nd       Jay Shen
3rd        Chloe Leavers

AMEB Grades 1 and 2

1st        Elsie Woolard
2nd       Tenzin Drenpa

Junior Ensembles

1st        Donvale Christian College Junior Woodwind Ensemble
2nd       Glendalough Clarinet Ensemble
3rd        Donvale Christian College Trio

Junior Duets

1st        Oliver Dobson & Esther Zhang

Intermediate Ensembles

1st        St Kevin’s Intermediate Clarinet Ensemble
2nd       Scotch College Sax Quintet

Intermediate Duets

1st        Tim Halliday & Nathan Wijaya

Senior Small Ensembles

1st        Scotch College Clarinet Quartet
2nd       St Kevin’s Senior Clarinet Ensemble
3rd        De La Salle Saxophone Quartet
Highly Commended      Donvale Christian College Senior Clarinet Ensemble

Senior Large Ensembles

1st        Eltham High School Clarinet Choir
2nd       Loreto Toorak Clarinet Ensemble

Senior Duets

1st        Gabriella Djunatan & Jiwoo Park
2nd       Jocey Perry & Stephen Davidson

Congratulations to all!