As we constantly monitor the quickly changing COVID-19 situation we wanted to let you know some of the proactive steps The Music Place is taking to help limit the spread and reduce its impact. 
First and foremost our concern is for the safety and wellbeing of our staff and clients. To this end we have implemented a number of procedures and policies. We are also keeping up to date and following all recommendations provided by the Australian Government.

What are we doing differently?
All staff are adhering to current quarantine requirements. Anyone with any cold / flu like symptoms will remain at home.

We have implemented stricter cleaning and disinfecting of stock, over and above our already high standards. Depending on the instrument or mouthpiece material it will include one or more of these measures: washing with disinfectant soap, disinfecting with Isopropyl alcohol (70%) solution, swabbing inside with Isopropyl alcohol (70%), or for items that can not be adequately cleaned quarantining them for 7 days in addition to cleaning.

We have increased our shop premise cleaning to ensure door handles and frequently touched areas are cleaned with disinfectant several times throughout the day.

We are also utilising all areas of our shop to allow for more personal space when trying out instruments.

At this point we are maintaining our regular trading hours
However, as we rely on the skills of our highly trained technicians and specialist brass and woodwind shop assistants, if they become ill or need to self quarantine we may need to reduce our hours or temporarily close. We will keep this up-to-date on our website and Facebook pages. If you are in any doubt, give us a call before making the trip to see us. 

We will be available for phone orders or web orders. There may be some delays with shipments that will be beyond our control due to conditions at Australia Post and our courier network.

What can you do?
Free regular shipping on any order over $99
We ask that if you have any cold or flu symptoms or within the past 14 days have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 please refrain from visiting us in-store. In many cases we will be able to assist you over the phone. Our webstore is another great way to shop. To help we’ve now implemented free regular shipping on any order over $99.

Repair workshop
Our workshop will still be in full swing

We’ve added some extra safety measures but will continue to do our best to keep your instruments running. There may be some minor delays on some jobs because of these added measures but this will be on case by case basis.
Most ‘on-the-spot’ or emergency repairs that we would normally carry out such as neck or tenon corks, water key springs and pads can still be done, however in some cases there may be the need to also disinfect the parts before working on them which may add a little bit of time. It will be best to call before coming in to ensure we can fit your job. 

Jeff Coffin Workshop in April has been cancelled.

Our regular monthly In-Store Workshops (including our March Workshop) have all been indefinitely postponed. 

Our Jazz Music Camp scheduled for September is at this point still going ahead (with the assumption that quarantine and lock downs will be finished by this point) however we will continue to monitor the situation and advise as things change.

Check out links below for helpful articles and support

We already have a number of interesting articles and videos available online at our website or on YouTube covering a range of topics. We’ll be commissioning new content and adding videos to keep you entertained while you’re at home.  

Below is a couple of links for things that we think might be useful, we have no affiliation to any of these.

Melbourne Digital Concert Hall A new venture aiming to create a digital concert experience

MSO Live Online Enjoy some great ‘live’ performances by the MSO

I Lost My Gig are keeping track of the lost revenue with the aim to use the data to lobby for support for the industry. If you’ve had gigs cancelled let them know the cost.

Zoom for the music teachers looking to conduct online lessons TIP: use headphones/mic to get much better results than with the inbuilt computer ones.

Bandcamp are waiving their revenue share fees for 24 hours on Friday 20th March meaning all funds from purchases go direct to the artist. Great way to support the bands you love. 

On a personal note…
Stay safe and keep making music!

There’s a lot of fear out there at the moment. When people are forced into isolation (rightly in this case) and stripped of the arts and other cultural events, it can become a scary place. It is easy to go into survival mode and only think of ourselves. Please remember that we are still stronger as a community. Everyone you deal with is stressed and anxious, they may display this in very different ways. Show grace and humility. We feel for the industry that regularly gives so much to our society. So many in the arts community will be doing it tough. Look after each other so when we come out of this we will be an even stronger, more united industry. 

Stay safe and keep making music!

Cal Barry

& The Music Place Team