Over the last two decades, Philippe Geiss has established an international reputation as a virtuoso, having performed on his own and in ensembles in variety of styles throughout Europe, South America, and United States. His discography includes more than twenty CD’s in which he performs as both leader an a sideman, taking in as many genres as he has saxophones. With the CD “Saxophones and Percussion” he won the French Recording Award for Chamber Music. He has work with many famous European contemporary music composers: G.Aperghis, Y.Fedele, L.De Pablo, C.Lauba, F.Rossé, E.Rolin, C.Miereanu, JC.Risset, D.Mabry, etc.

He is a saxophone teacher in the Strasbourg Music Conservatory in France. He leads a class of more than 70 students from different countries. He has given master classes in prestigious conservatories and universities: New York University (Blue note master class) / Maryland University- Washington / New England Conservatory – Boston / Shepperd University (USA) / Syracuse University (USA) / George Mason University (USA) / Monaco Music Academy / Conservatory of: Enschede (Holland) / Luxembourg / Boulogne / Stuttgart / Marseille / Bordeaux / Nice etc. Concerts / Festivals: Ludwigsburg (Germany) , Freiburg (Germany), Jijona (Spain), Valencia (Spain) ,Buenos-Aires(Argentina), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Bolton Valley (USA), Pesaro (Italy), Podsreda (Slovenia), Bonn (Germany), Berlin (Germany),St Gall (Switzerland), Anvers (Belgium), Brussels (Belgium), MUSICA-Strasbourg (France), Perelada (Spain), Enschede (Holland), Minneapolis (USA), Ljubljana (Slovenia), etc… He is a SELMER & RICO artist.